Terms and Conditions

About Terms and Conditions

  1. All customer orders for services must be accepted by RGX warehouse and are not valid until accepted by RGX warehouse and customer has made all the required payment
  2. The Company will receive and store the tires “tires mean tires as well as rims supplied to RGX warehouse” of the Customer at a secure premise.
  3. The Customer agrees, by signing this contract that the condition of the tires might be damage prior to receipt by RGX Warehouse and RGX warehouse will not be responsible for such damage at the time the Company took possession of them. 
  4. RGX warehouse will ensure that the tires are returned to the Customer in the same condition as they were when they were received for storage 
  5. RGX warehouse shall maintain limited legal liability insurance up to 100,000.  Should a loss occur, RGX will only be Legally Labile to in case of Gross Negligence by RGX and its full-time employees. RGX will not be responsible to recognizing tread wear and damage as it was upon receiving (for the used tires). Owner of the stored products/tires have appropriate insurance for their stored item(s)
  6. RGX warehouse shall not be responsible for corrosion that can occur during the storage of tires.
  7. RGX warehouse shall not be responsible for any air loss that may occur during the storage of the tires. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure proper air press before installation.
  8. Customer agrees that RGX Warehouse is permitted to mark or otherwise to identify customer tires for tracking purpose.
  9. This Agreement shall be for a six (6) month term beginning on the date of this Agreement (the “Term”). Customer agrees to pay the fees in effect, plus all applicable taxes, for tires storage at the time customer sign up for RGX warehouse service. Customer authorized RGX warehouse to charge all amount due under any credit of debit presented to and acceptable to RGX warehouse. If customer terminate the need for RGX warehouse service prior to expiration of the service TERM, RGX WAREHOUSE WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY REFUND OR CREDIT TO CUSTOMER.
  10. If, at the end of the Term, the Customer has not arranged for the tires to be retrieved from the RGX Warehouse, this Agreement shall, at the discretion of the RGX warehouse, be deemed to have been renewed for a further tire storage season, on the same terms and conditions as agreed herein.
  11. The tires shall be deemed abandoned if the Company has undertaken reasonable efforts to have the Customer retrieve the tires and at such time the tires shall be disposed of in accordance with all applicable laws, with an additional fee, Customer hereby authorized RGX warehouse to charge customer’s credit and/or master card, and otherwise hold customer responsible, for the cost of such disposal, plus $100.00
  12. The Customer must provide the Company with 24 hours written notice that the tires are required; to allow the Company to retrieve the tires from storage. (The 24 hours to exclude weekend and holidays)
  13. This Agreement is not assignable by the Customer.