Pick and Pack Services

RGX Group is a leader in pick and pack services in canada with over 13 years of experience in Warehouse Operations. Our agile team, efficient processes and technical infrastructure empower us to handle over 5,000 packages per day and increasing.

What are Pick and Pack Services

What are Pick and Pack Services?

Pick and Pack is the method of picking up selective items from an inventory of one or more items, re-packaging, labelling and scheduling to send out as an individual order. Brands tend to save on production time, storage, packaging and shipping costs.

Why do you need Pick and Pack Services?

As warehousing and logistics evolve to superior, efficient and IT driven solutions, Pick and Pack Services are ideal for clients looking to send bulk packaged products to a warehouse and then selectively dispatching as per order specifications.
Why do you need Pick and Pack Services?
Are Pick and Pack Services cheaper than Traditional Order Fulfilment

Are Pick and Pack Services cheaper than Traditional Order Fulfilment?

In most cases, Pick and Pack may work out cheaper as product manufacturers need not package goods individually and instead are able to send bulk or assorted packaging which can be picked up selectively and packaged as orders are processed.

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    How do Pick and Pack Services work?


    Bulk items are receiving in the RGX Warehouse with Pick and Pack Services


    Items are sorted according to receiving instructions and/or label information provided on the packaging.


    Items are stored in priority of shipping order (FiFo/LiFo/Other). Includes Short Term & Long Term Storage.


    Items are picked as per order specifications

    Order Processing

    Items are identified and scheduled for order processing. SLAs define speed of the operation.


    Items are re-packed and labelled for destination


    Respective Carrier or Courier Partners are scheduled and given the package(s)


    Warehouse Management System is updated with Order Processing Reports

    Why choose RGX Group for Pick and Pack Services?

    Why choose RGX Group for Pick and Pack Services?


    Over 13 years experience in Warehousing, Logistics and Packaging Solutions


    Prime Warehouse Locations – Cost & Time Efficient Shipping & Receiving


    Efficient Inventory Sorting & Storage – FiFo, LiFo, etc


    State of the art Warehouse Management System for Orders & Inventory Management


    Logistics Partner Integration Solution – run a seamless operation


    Hygiene and Safety – People and their safety is our Number 1 Priority


    Versatile Warehousing Solutions – All your warehousing needs under one roof

    Commonly Asked Questions About Pick and Pack Services

    Yes, we encourage clients to meet in-person or virtual to allow us to showcase our abilities as well as understand your requirements in details. Please click here to Schedule a Tour.
    We offer the most competitive quotes for Warehousing in GTA. Charges depend on multiple factors including product size and weight, order frequency, type of orders, etc all combined to make a customized warehousing solution. We offer very competitive quotes for Warehousing in Toronto (Greater Toronto Area including Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga locations). Please contact us to setup a call with a Senior Warehousing Specialist.
    We can only handle pick and pack services for dry food items which do not require a food grade facility.
    Yes. However, certain RGX locations may only handle certain size and style of warehousing. Please contact us to learn more.
    You can submit orders by Email, Warehouse Management System and/or EDI integration.
    Yes, we offer Regular, Rush and Lightning Service Category options. You can choose one or more depending on the nature of pick and pack services you need and which can be incorporated in your contract.
    Yes, we work with most regional and national carriers as well as courier companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL, Purolator, Canada Post, etc.


    RGX Group Warehouses are conveniently located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area – Etobicoke (Toronto), Mississauga and Brampton with a total warehousing capacity over 300,000 sq ft.
    Warehousing Mississauga

    35,000 Sq Ft 615 Orwell St
    Mississauga, ON L5A 2W4 Address

    Warehouse in Mississauga

    50,000 Sq Ft 5404 Maingate Dr
    Mississauga, ON L4W 1R8 Address

    Meadowpine Blvd

    100,000 Sq Ft 2425 Meadowpine Blvd Mississauga, ON L5N 6L7

    Warehouse in Brampton

    75,000 Sq Ft 5 Copper Rd
    Brampton, ON L6T 4W5 Address


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